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Help Lalitha To Feed 150+ Poor, Orphans And Abando


Start Date : 19th October 2022

End Date : 31st December 2024

With much love and the determination to do good for her society, Lalitha started her Sampathi Foundation-NGO in 2016 at the Hyderabad of India and consists of a team of people who are dedicated towards Lalitha’s noble cause.

Lalitha Sampathi is a mother for starving poor, homeless and orphan children, she has been rescuing, providing food and shelter for the poor, homeless and orphans children and giving them mother love.

She is running the "Shelter Home" full-time to feed the poor, homeless and orphans children for last 3 years. Lalitha helped more than 10,000 poor children along with her team of volunteers. Today, Lalitha and her team is providing food and education for the 150+ poor, orphans and homeless children.

Furthermore, the shelter takes up poor, homeless and orphan children and help rehabilitate them. It also has an active poor children's shelter for people who can't afford to feed for their children.

Lalitha is cooking food by her hands as a mother to feed the poor, homeless and orphan children, the children are calling to Lalitha as Amma (Mother).

Use of Funds:

The money raised will be spent on the shelter home maintain expenditure of orphan children's dresses, needed medicines for kids, food, books, rice,dal, tamarind, vegetable, milk, breads, biscuits and soaps etc.

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